// C5 Accelerate

Partnering to build the world's leading cloud ecosystem.

C5 Accelerate is a London, Washington D.C., and Bahrain based technology investment firm. C5 Accelerate is developing a Cloud Accelerator Cluster in Europe, the Middle East, Africa and the United States, alongside Amazon Web Services. Its mission is to accelerate best-of-breed start-ups to meet the growth opportunity being created by the geographic expansion of AWS, the world’s leading cloud computing platform.

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// C5 Accelerate

Partnering to build the world’s
leading cloud ecosystem.

C5 Accelerate currently runs accelerators in Bahrain and Washington D.C.. The eight-week structured program of mentorship is divided into a series of sprints and tutorials that cover all aspects of scaling up, with a focus on scaling using the cloud. To facilitate this, each participant company/organization receives up to $50k AWS credits. The program concludes with a pitch day, when founders have the opportunity to pitch their companies and organizations to potential investors from C5, AWS and their respective global investor networks.

The program is supported by an extensive community of international mentors and, on completion of the program, companies/organizations will receive certification whereupon they will enter a peer network that will provide ongoing support and guidance.

// Why Cloud?

Cloud infrastructure is shaping the next generation economy

  1. Cloud computing spending across EMEA is now $40bn annually
  2. Cloud adoption continues to accelerate as more enterprise-scale customers shift technology responsibilities to cloud vendors and concentrate on their core business lines
  3. Cloud revenue growth in EMEA is expected to be in excess of 14% CAGR between 2015-2019, with MENA and SubSaharan Africa growing at over 18%.
  4. While cloud infrastructure is global, its implementation is necessarily local.

There is now a pressing need for regional cloud champions across Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

// The Curriculum

The curriculum will focus on around basic building blocks to scaling a successful business

Business Development
& Operations

Business Development
& Operations

Delivered by solutions architects from AWS, and supplemented by our network of advisors, the participants will learn to focus on developing the product as they operate.

Operational Scaling

Operational Scaling

A review of the organisational requirements – including finance and HR and infrastructure – to scale will be an early focus. Think of it as a mini MBA programme.

Securing Investment

Securing Investment

Ensuring a solid next step for participating businesses will be a core part of the program. C5 is committed to reviewing requirements early and often.

Customer Acquisition

Customer Acquisition

A focus on identifying both natural and next partners as well as defining what the optimum customer for the business central.

Business Planning

Business Planning

Core to the maturation of the businesses is robust financial planning which is accessible and understandable by investors. This will be an early and persistent area of learning.

Management & Governance

Management & Governance

Many businesses grow without governance, limiting their attractiveness to investors long-term. Mature governance can be a major differentiator for early stage business.

Business-centric curriculum is underpinned by tailored technical coaching delivered by our innovation partners and mentors.

// Benefits to participants


  • Global connectivity with potential customers
  • Mentorship from industry experts, entrepreneurs and corporate leaders
  • Training in strategy and business principles
  • AWS services and targeted training
  • Workspace during the program
  • Potential seed funding for qualifying ventures

// Participate

  • Independent software vendors developing SaaS/BaaS products;
  • Professional service firms enabling the transition of enterprise and public sector workloads onto the cloud, including managed cloud services, cloud education, and cloud security;
  • Disruptors using cloud computing technology to challenge entrenched business models;
  • For profit and non-profit organisation developing peace technology (PeaceTech).
  • If you have a business and meet the selection criteria, please submit an application
  • Cloud 10 Scalerator in Bahrain http://www.tamkeen.bh/en/
  • PeaceTech Accelerator in Washington D.C. https://www.etouches.com/esurvey/peacetech
  • If you would like to work at the Accelerator, we have both paid and volunteer positions open and would be open to discussions.

// Selection Criteria

  • Total international addressable market in excess of $500 million
  • Potential for the company to attain regional or global category leadership
  • Market validation from corporate customers or end-users
  • Robust business model and product with clear development plan
  • Prior investment from external or corporate investors Solvent balance sheet
  • Clear product execution roadmap
  • Ownership of critical intellectual property
  • Differentiated technology accepted by corporate or government clients
  • Balanced team including both technology experts and experienced business managers.
  • Proven history of generating revenue.
  • Willingness to invest management time working with the accelerator program team and other participant companies.

// Team

Our management team is led by experienced executives who are known for their performance, agility and integrity. Our bench strength is further enhanced by a unique network of strategic partners known for their leadership in the fields of technology, industry, geopolitics, academia and government.

Ron Moultrie, Chairman, C5 Accelerate LLC

Ron Moultrie // Chairman

Ron is a former Director of the National Security Agency’s Global Signals Intelligence Enterprise. He joined C5 with over 36 years of leadership within the military, intelligence community, and national security sectors. Throughout his career, Ron has served in several of the most challenging national security assignments in the US and has held important posts as a member of the CIA’s Senior Intelligence Service, the Office of the Director of the National Intelligence, as well as the United States military. He established Oceanus Security Strategies in November 2015 to provide unique counsel to clients on current and emerging cyber security threats.

Eva-Maria Dimitriadis, COO

Eva-Maria Dimitriadis // Chief Operating Officer, U.K.

Eva joined C5 to run our worldwide accelerator program. She studied PPP at Oxford University and has spent the last ten years working in the art market. Eva served as Chief of Staff to the CEO at Christie’s, where she supported Christie’s digital strategy. Prior to that she worked in Business Development focusing on the company’s expansion into growth markets such as India, China, the Middle East and Africa. Eva is passionate about tech startups and social impact. She sits on the committee of the Audaces Foundation which raises awareness about impact investing amongst next generation leaders.

Miss Hadyah M. Fathalla // Executive Director, Cloud10 Scalerator, Bahrain

Hadyah Fathalla is Executive Director for C5 Accelerate and is responsible for public and private sector business in MEA and developing innovative technology ventures. Hadyah previously served as a leading security expert in Bahrain, advising a number of government agencies on topics including security policy, strategy, cybersecurity, and other national security threats and challenges. She holds an MPA from the Harvard Kennedy School, concentrating on International Global Affairs and an MA in War Studies from King’s College in London.

Georgina Callander

Georgina Callander // Executive Director, The Cloud Leadership Centre, U.K.

Georgina Callander leads the Cloud Leadership Centre, the non-profit company within the C5 group that supports charitable and philanthropic organisations working in education, conflict resolution, conservation and veteran welfare. The Cloud Leadership Centre connects these organisations with the wider technology expertise of the group’s network and provides them with valuable mentoring and actionable support. Prior to joining the C5 group, Georgina worked in the Thought Leadership division of the Economist Group, creating tailored content marketing programmes for clients in the energy, consultancy and public sectors.

Mike Ravenscroft // Program Director, PeaceTech Accelerator, D.C.

Mike Ravenscroft manages the day-to-day operations of the PeaceTech Accelerator in Washington, D.C. and oversees C5 Accelerate’s domestic portfolio of early stage investments. In this capacity, he works with C5’s network of mentors, partners, and investors to help its network of entrepreneurs scale their businesses. Prior to joining C5, Mike was Director of the MACH37 Cyber Accelerator and was on the Investment Team at CIT GAP Funds, a non-profit venture capital fund in Herndon, VA. While at CIT, Mike helped launch the EMERGE accelerator program on behalf of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Science and Technology Directorate (S&T) and Smart City Works, an accelerator for early stage companies developing technology for the built environment. Mike began his career as a Research Associate at The Advisory Board Company in Washington, D.C. He holds a BA from the University of Michigan and an MA from American University.

Dimitra Hatzudis

Dimitra Hatzudis // External Relations Manager, PeaceTech Accelerator, D.C.

Dimitra Hatzudis leads the PeaceTech Accelerator’s outreach to prospective participants, partners, and investors, and runs the Accelerator’s communications and marketing arm. Prior to joining C5, Dimitra worked at the United States Institute of Peace on special events and press. She’s worked on digital strategy for the Embassy of Greece in D.C. and BBG, but her love for entrepreneurship began in college, where she spent a year helping launch and scale a startup.
Dimitra earned her B.A. from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in Global Studies, Political Science and Business. She also holds an M.A. in Global Communication from George Washington University.

Bader Sater

Bader Sater // Program Manager, Cloud10 Scalerator, Bahrain

Bader Sater is the Program Manager for the Cloud10 Scalerator, Based in the Kingdom of Bahrain. Previously, Bader was a Senior Executive at the Economic Development Board of Bahrain (EDB), where he was part of the Business Development team. Bader was responsible for all foreign direct investment in the ICT sector for Europe and Asia. He also worked extensively as part of a committee tasked to set Bahrain’s ICT strategy which lead to Bahrain’s focus on the building a startup ecosystem, among other areas. Bader was additionally given the responsibly to support the growth of the startup ecosystem and actively attracted regional startups to Bahrain. Bader has a diverse education, and has lived in Scotland, Wales, Germany, England, and Switzerland. He also speaks English, Arabic, and some German.

Hala Ebrahim

Hala Ebrahim // External Relations Manager, Cloud10 Scalerator, Bahrain

Hala Ebrahim is the Senior Marketing and Outreach Officer for the Cloud10 Scalerator. Hala has in depth knowledge and experience working in marketing and communications. While finishing a Masters Degree in Global Communications and media from Bangkok University Hala worked as a Marketing Coordinator in Asia Centre a think tank in Bangkok that provides technical and development assistance to educational institutions and NGO’s in Southeast Asia and connects them to the private and public sector, Prior to that she worked as a Marketing Consultant in KPMG managing the marketing of Tamkeen’s Enterprise Development Support Program.

Kimberly Richter

Kimberly Richter // Office Administrator, PeaceTech Accelerator, D.C.

Kimberly Richter supports the operational management of the PeaceTech Accelerator, based in Washington D.C. Previously, Kimberly leveraged her international experience in philanthropic advising, corporate communications and event planning at the UN Foundation’s Global Entrepreneurs Council, a high-level advocacy and advisory group that cultivates and engages new audiences in support of the United Nations. Recently, she worked with Filantropia Transformadora (FT), a donor education initiative in Bogota, to impulse the venture philanthropy movement in Colombia. Kimberly is a 2017 graduate of McGill University where she focused on Social Entrepreneurship at the Deseautels Faculty of Management and a completed a joint degree in Psychology and Latin American Studies.

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