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The Shield in the Cloud Innovation Challenge is the first global anti-corruption innovation challenge. It is a joint venture with our partners Amazon Web Services, PeaceTech Lab and SAP NS2. The challenge is aligned with Goal 16 of the United Nations’ global sustainable goal to promote just, peaceful and inclusive societies. This Goal seeks to hold institutions and governments accountable and transparent. It also aims to eliminate bribery and other forms of political and corporate corruption. Shield in the Cloud will select the most innovative startups, corporations and governments working in technology for anti-corruption compliance worldwide.

The competition will be judged by: Patrick Garver, formerly Executive Vice President and General Counsel for Barrick; Andy Powell, Head of Product Management, Eduserv; Moira Andrews, Director, Praetor Consultants; Kurt Scherer, Director, Booz Allen Hamilton Innovation Center; and Andre Pienaar, Founder, C5.

Congratulations to our 2018 Winners: 

  1. Dream Big: Donor – Mark Labs
  2. Dream Big: Local Community – MyndGenie
  3. Dream Big: Global Trade – Pole Star – PurpleTRAC
  4. Not for Profit: Ushahidi
  5. Government: Transparency International Ukraine – ProZorro.Sale

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C5 Announces the Winners of Its Inaugural Shield in the Cloud CompetitionC5 announces the short-list for its inaugural Shield in the Cloud anti-corruption technology challenge

Prizes were awarded at the Shield in the Cloud gala dinner, held at C5’s PeaceTech Accelerator, based in the United States Institute of Peace.

C5 announces the short-list for its inaugural Shield in the Cloud anti-corruption technology challenge

The challenge is designed to identify best-in-class technology that combats global, political and corporate corruption and promotes good governance.

Q&A with Steve Fehr

Steve Fehr, Senior Vice President, Corporate Strategy and Strategic Programs of SAP NS2, talks to us about how corruption is a significant threat to governments and their security, and how advances in big data analytics are making a difference.

Q&A with Sheldon Himelfarb

Sheldon Himelfarb, President and CEO of PeaceTech Lab, was kind enough to talk with us about how technology is being used to fight corruption – and why we need initiatives like Shield in the Cloud

C5, Amazon Web Services and PeaceTech Lab launch inaugural Shield in the Cloud anti-corruption technology challenge

Challenge seeks best in class technology to combat global political and corporate corruption and promote good governance

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